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Contact us for helpful and friendly advice or select "Get a Quote" and choose your preferred site and unit.

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We will forward a Licence Agreement for you to complete and return with ID, proof of residence and payment.



On signing the agreement, one month’s storage fee and a deposit equal to one month’s storage fee is payable. Thereafter, payment by standing order on the 1st of each month.



You will receive a unique digital access code for entry to your unit 24/7.

How to store

  • Packing your items and your unit properly to begin with will save you time and ensure your goods are maintained in the best possible condition. Consider making a list of the items to be stored or take photos for reference purposes.

Plan Your Storage Space

  • Storing your possessions along the outer walls first will be of huge benefit when you find your storage unit filling up - and leave aisles where possible so you’ll be able to access everything.
  • Store items you may need to access more frequently towards the front of your unit.
  • Consider installing free standing metal shelving to help organise your unit and make optimal use of the vertical space.

Maximise Air Flow

  • Consider placing a pallet underneath your belongings and keep some space between your boxes and away from the walls of the unit to allow air to circulate.


  • Start by covering the floor area with a groundsheet to protect your goods.
  • Properly protect furniture and other items with adequate coverings.
  • Ensure boxed items, especially breakable items, are well packed/protected using packing paper/bubble wrap and strong boxes.
  • Clearly identify fragile goods and ensure the labels can be easily seen to avoid placing heavy items on top.
  • Ensure all white goods are empty, clean and dry before storing. Leave doors slightly ajar to prevent mould build up.
  • When all your items are in, cover with a dust sheet to keep them clean and protected.

Note that the Self-Storage units are not temperature controlled and may not be suitable for all types of goods such as soft furnishings and clothing unless adequately protected.

It is your responsibility to check that the storage unit is suitable for the goods you intend to store.

Packing your items and your unit properly to begin with will save you time and ensure your goods are maintained in the best possible condition. Consider making a list of the items to be stored or take photos for reference purposes.

What can’t be stored

We do not permit the storage of:

  • Hazardous goods including fuel and toxic materials
  • Pollutants, contaminants or waste
  • Perishable goods, live animals or living plants
  • Cash and securities or illegal goods
  • Explosives, firearms or ammunitions


Frequently asked questions

What is Self-Storage?

Our Self-Storage facilities include a selection of room sizes available for hire from 15 – 375 sq ft, short or long term. Bring your goods or possessions to the storage centre, lock them in the room and come and go as you please 24/7. You are the only key holder. You can store almost anything unless it is perishable, live or flammable.

How much Space do I need?

Refer to the Size Estimator tool or Contact us for helpful and friendly advice.

Can I view Available Units before making a decision?

Contact us to arrange an appointment to view available units without obligation. As our office is only a short distance away, we can often arrange to meet you at short notice.

How quickly can I move in?

You can move in on the same day as you make the enquiry provided you produce the relevant ID documentation e.g. passport/driving licence and recent utility bill, sign the Licence Agreement and pay the deposit and first month’s storage fee.

Do you offer any Discounts or Promotions?

Introductory discounts and promotions are regularly offered to new customers. See Get a Quote for further details.

What is the min/max Storage Period?

The minimum storage period is 3 months. There is no maximum storage period. Discounts may be available for long term storage periods.

Is there a Notice Period?

The Notice Period is 28 days however in the event you wish to vacate the unit earlier AND the unit can be filled prior to expiry of the Notice Period, we will happily refund the unused portion of the Storage Fee.

What are your Payment Terms?

The first months' (or part month depending on the start date) Storage Fee is payable in advance, either by card, bank transfer or cheque. Thereafter, the Storage Fee is payable in advance on the first day of each month by standing order.

How do I access my Storage Unit?

Access is 24/7 via a personal electronic access code. For ease of unloading, vehicles may be driven directly into the facility (St Peter Port only).

How secure is my Storage Room?

We take the security of your goods and possessions extremely seriously. 24 hour CCTV surveillance constantly records all comings and goings and only existing customers are permitted access. In addition, the electronic door entry system provides a log of every entry and exit. You provide your own padlock to your unit guaranteeing extra security.

Do I need Contents Insurance?

We strongly recommend arranging Contents Insurance as it is your responsibility to protect your contents in the event of damage. See for competitive self-storage contents quotes.